About Cornerstone Chapel

Cornerstone Chapel Reformed Baptist Church is committed to spreading the Gospel among the congregation, in the surrounding community, and throughout the world. In this, the church acknowledges that all of its work is in vain if God does not bless it. Therefore, we pray God will continue to pour out His blessings on the congregation and the ministry efforts.

What is a Reformed Baptist Church?


As a Reformed Baptist Church, we are a doctrinally conservative congregation that holds to a reformed understanding of the Scripture in a Baptistic tradition.  The term "reformed" comes from the period of church history called "The Reformation", when important Biblical truths were recovered, truths that we embrace to this day.

Among the truths recovered during the reformation are the "Sola's".   These are "sola scriptura" ("scripture alone" as the authority for life and practice in the church), "sola gratia" (God's sovereign "grace alone" as the reason for our salvation without any actual or potential human merit), "sola fide" (justification by "faith alone" and no human works), "solus Christus" (salvation through the Person and work of Jesus "Christ alone"), and "soli Deo gloria" (all things ultimately for "the glory of God alone").

We also embrace what are commonly called "the Doctrines of Grace":  that man is totally depraved by the fall into sin, the redeemed are unconditionally chosen by God as an act of His sovereign grace, that Jesus Christ paid a substitutionary penalty of death specifically for the sins of those who believe in Him, that the salvation of God's elect from the foundation of the earth is sovereignly applied by the Holy Spirit, and that those who are justified by God's grace are preserved by God's grace in the faith.  In short, we hold to a deliberately God-centered view of salvation.

As a Reformed Baptist church, we hold to the essentials of the Christian faith, and have adopted the Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 as a fuller expression of our beliefs and our commitment to historic Baptist principles.

Holding to the "regulative principle" in regard to worship, our weekly gathering for worship is Scripturally based, simple, and serious.  As instructed by the Scriptures, the worship service consists of prayer, singing, Scripture reading, and preaching on a weekly basis, and we gather at the Lord's Table at least once per month.

We invite you to join us.